T3i Sports offers a new ecosystem to our grassroots market of middle school and high school athletes through (AMT) Athletic Measurement Testing. With our state of the art timing gates, and our high-impact drill stations we will provide data and analytic tracking, allowing these young athletes the opportunity to benchmark their athleticism while managing their long-term development for scouting advantages, as we continue filling the void in the grassroots market. T3i Sports will have data-driven results, leaderboard individual rankings, player shareable profiles, and data tracking that will help identify performance gaps within their athletic realm, so they can enhance athletic potential to higher levels

T3i Sports will gauge athletes’ performance and serve as a conduit for personal and professional growth, by incorporating community resources dedicated to education and empowerment.

Our team values the talent of women athletes and embraces women equality, along with the opportunity to provide equitable services to further their athletic and personal development.

Growth Strategy

Consistently grow lifetime participation in Sports and Fitness.

Increase Education

Steadily increase education relating to sporting events, media, and education surrounding jobs and leadership involved in sports.

Data-Driven Coaching

Providing data-driven coaching decisions and athlete performance education on safe practices, training methods, and implementing technology in sports.

Diversity & Inclusion

Create an environment that supports diversity and inclusion.

Objective & Fair

Provide objective and fair standards for national and international exposure.

Continued Education

Continue to educate creating future coaches, officials, and sport developers with youth ages 15-18.

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Summit Academy CharterBrooklyn Collegiate
Summit Academy CharterBrooklyn Collegiate
Summit Academy CharterBrooklyn Collegiate